When being "Certified" isn't just for the music industry!

Lets Go Grub Certified Restaurants

What it means?


When we certify a restaurant, it allows future clientele to rest assured and know they expect a full balanced, tasty, and carefully curated menu. This is the absolute must of 2019 and we are the first to do this!

Who can be certified?


We strive on having many Lets Go Grub Certified restaurants but we only expect the best of the best. Any restaurant may apply for certification. 

Can a restaurant lose its certification?


Although it will rarely happen, yes. We keep in mind that customers are they key to a successful business and we won't put our name on a business that does not uphold the same values. 

How does it help?


The foodie culture us huge! Why not tap in and be part of the loop that revolves around food? You will see an increase in sales when guest ask for the Foodie Certified items, also noticing an increase in social media tags!

We capture the moments!


Our staff will shoot these Foodie Certified pictures for you to use at your establishment, we encourage running a special and boosting the items with our marketing packages for maximum exposure!

Family Network


We know sometimes in the kitchen, ideas seem to get lost and motivation flies out the window. Our in house chef is always a phone call away to help create a foodie driven menu! 

now that's teamwork!

Lets Go Grub Foodie Certified Restaurants